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Red wine, good for Sleep - Fact or Fiction?

  • 23 May 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat

There are some beliefs we’d all love to believe and lap up. One such belief is that of red wine being good especially before bed time. Red wine has a sedative property which is what makes it a hit with even the elderly, but how effective is it indeed in helping us sleep better?

A good source of melatonin is the skin of grapes. However, they are removed when making white wine. To induce sleep by keeping our body clocks in check melatonin is essential. The hormone is a powerful anti-oxidant, also linked to aging and libido, which can wipe out free radicals that cause cancer. Of course the efficacy of the grapes depends on the kind and quality. Melatonin appears to form when the grapes ripen. Wines particularly rich in the compound include Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. When in the mood choose any of these.

Sleep needs are determined by different factors. You have to maintain healthy sleep habits that includes choosing the best mattress brand, comfortable pillows and other stuffs.

There are contenders to the theory that cite the role of red wine in making you sleepier or drowsier but no proof of it helping you have a deep sleep, like most spirits as it is after all a diuretic. Experts however feel a glass or two taken few hours before bed time is only good for you- be it for the heart, muscle health or sleep cycle. It is also good for the nervous system, making you feel calmer and hence aiding sleep.

Also like coffee, it can be an individualistic experience. While superior quality red wine taken in balance is good for you and your slumber, there can be those few who claim it wakes them up with their alcoholic content. All in all, the melatonin boosting ingredient is considered to give red wine its edge and from all the alcoholic choices available, it is considered the healthiest and the best bet, especially when you got sleep in mind. So sip on this cup of life..without a worry in the world!


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