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Types of Earplugs for soundless Sleep

  • 17 October 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat
Types of Earplugs for soundless Sleep

With rising decibels that come with city living, most of us struggle to get a soundless uninterrupted night’s sleep. To ease the situation, here are some earplugs to consider according to need-

Foam Earplugs
Available under different brand names, disposable foam ear plugs are soft and comfortable, and come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Foam ear plugs are great for sleeping and concentrating while studying or working. It blurs out the unnecessary sounds and is also used in flight. Available with or without cord. Cord is securely and cleanly attached to the foam earplugs at both ends to ensure they don’t keep falling during sleep.

Soft Silicon ear plugs
When you need a custom fit and something to seal off your ear canal, then foam earplugs may not be able to give you the results you want. This is when you call on silicone earplugs. Weather you need to block out your partner’s snoring or if you have to sleep when others around are wide awake, this is the best answer for your sound woes.

Moldable wax ear plugs
Wax ear plugs generally consist of a blend of wax and cotton fibers. The cotton fibers hold the wax ear plugs together, and the cotton also tends to make for a softer ear plug. When it comes to comfort, moldable wax and cotton ear plugs are very hard to beat. These ear plugs are designed to seal over the ear canal, rather than sitting inside the canal itself, and because they are moldable, wax ear plugs will fit virtually everyone regardless of ear shape or size. Too, wax and cotton ear plugs tend to soften in response to heat, so the longer you wear them, the more they soften and conform to fit your ears in response to your own body heat.

Custom made ear plugs
There are many stores that do this that are also online, such as or Custom molded ear plugs offer full-custom hearing protection according to need for soundless sleep. When you find that ordinary ear plugs just do not work because they fall out, hurt, do not block enough noise, block too much sound, it is time to consider custom molded ear plugs.


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