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What does Vaastu Sastra say about Sleep?

  • 15 September 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Vaastu Sastra or ‘science of architecture’ essentially is about arranging spaces in a way that positive energies are tapped for maximum benefit. Sleep is an important criteria for good health, so people are always curious to know how to best arrange one’s bedroom or what direction to choose for best effect. Sleeping in the right direction is known to ease one’s stress, increase blood circulation, improve sleep quality and overall take care of one’s well being. People are known to face a lot of physical and mental complications if the room set up or the sleeping position is not proper.

Some golden rules according to Vaastu-

- The most powerful quadrant in Vaastu Sastra is the southwest sector. It is supposed to store all the positive energies. The extreme south-west corner for this reason must not have doors or windows; as such the energy that has gathered in the house will get released through the openings.

- While sleeping placing the head in the north direction should be totally avoided as it acts as a source of disturbed sleep and nightmares. North Pole is the source of negative energy, according to the laws of Magnetism as stated in Physics, and the positive energy stays in the South Pole.

- Avoid sleeping in direct alignment with pointed corners. In your nervous system this can produce stress. You will never be able to experience peace in a room that has sharp corners, unless you place plants in front of them to soften them. Also, if your bed is in direct alignment with them move it.

- If the bedroom mirror is placed opposite to your bed it will disturb your sleep. At such a position, the mirror holds back your stress by reflecting your image instead of allowing you to throw it off.

- Take away mess from underneath your bed, as it keeps your mind going back into the past and holds back future progress. Your life energy becomes stagnant anywhere clutter exists. Clutter represents all that you have left unfinished in your life. It disturbs your subconscious mind and will never let you have an undisturbed sleep.

- In your bedroom avoid using very bright or dark colours. Soft pastel shades of off white, green or blue are the Vaastu colours that are ideal for your bedroom.

Apart from Vaastu rules, make a great sleeping environment in your bedroom with adjustable beds, pillows etc. A good mattress is an important factor in getting good night's sleep. You may feel comfortable with latex plus mattress or memory foam mattresses but make sure you're comfortable and that it's certainly worth the investment.


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