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What does Vaastu Sastra say about Sleep?

  • 15 September 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat
What does Vaastu Sastra say about Sleep?

Vaastu Sastra or ‘science of architecture’ essentially is about arranging spaces in a way that positive energies are tapped for maximum benefit. Sleep is an important criteria for good health, so people are always curious to know how to best arrange one’s bedroom or what direction to choose for best effect. Sleeping in the right direction is known to ease one’s stress, increase blood circulation, improve sleep quality and overall take care of one’s well being. People are known to face a lot of mental and physical complications if the sleeping position or the room set up is not proper.

Some golden rules according to Vaastu-

- The most powerful quadrant in Vaastu Sastra is the southwest sector. It is supposed to store all the positive energies. For this reason, the extreme south-west corner must not have windows or doors; as such openings will release the energy that has gathered in the house.

- Having the head in the north direction should be completely avoided, while sleeping, as it acts as a source of nightmares and disturbed sleep. The laws of Magnetism as stated in Physics also says, North Pole is known as a source of negative energy where as the South Pole is considered as a place for positive energy.

- Don’t sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. This can create stress in your nervous system. In a room that has sharp corners, you will never be able to experience peace, unless you soften them by placing plants in front. Also, move your bed away from direct alignment with them.

- Don’t place your bedroom mirror on the wall opposite your bed, as it disturbs sleep. At such a position, the mirror reflects your image and holds back your stress, rather than allowing you to throw it off.

- Remove clutter from under you bed, as it keeps your mind lingering in the past and hinders future progress. Wherever clutter exists, you life energy becomes stagnant. Clutter is symbolic of all that has not been completed in your life. It will also not allow you to have a sound sleep, as it disturbs your subconscious mind.

- The Vaastu colors ideal for your bedroom are soft pastel shades of blue, green an,/pd off white. Avoid using dark and excessively bright colors in your bedroom.


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