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What to do with your old Mattress

  • 15 May 2017
  • By Shveta Bhagat
What to do with your old Mattress
  1. Give it to a charitable home where they could still find use for it. It could even be for a dog shelter, where they can cut it and make couple of beds from just one. Why throw it when it can still come of use to some place.
  2. Give it to recycling centers such as Recycling Guru Collection Center, Trash out or Earth Center Recycle. Maybe turn it into a toddler’s bed. Also, it can be a good idea to convert it into a settee for your living room and with a thick cover, it can be used as extra sitting space.
  3. See if a mattress manufacturer will accept old mattresses or give you a discount in return for a new one. You could try a mom and pop custom-making mattress shop, where chances of them taking it will be higher than branded outlets.
  4. Use it to re-upholster furniture. You could use the material to re-upholster furniture, instead of procuring new material.
  5. Turn it into Garden trellis. If your mattress is too far gone for a couch, rip the comfort layers off the mattress and use it as a garden trellis for a climbing plant. The springs, especially a continuous wire mattress spring system, will provide the perfect trellis for a plant that grows thickly if given lots to hold on to.
  6. Make a couch for kids to play. If your Kids love to jump on couches, or just love to roll about, consider using your old foam mattresses as couch cushion. Using a flat board support make divans or use two mattresses and two boards to make a couch. The kids can wreck these as much as they like!


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