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Why Bedtime stories..

  • 01 August 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Have you ever wondered why parents enthusiastically stock up on books for their little ones and read them aloud to the children after tucking them into bed? Forget the virtues of reading, even being read out to as a child, is supposed to have multiple long lasting benefits.

Bedtime stories are a standard part of many bedtime routines and they play an important role in a child's development. Parents should know that growing kids need a good sleep. They have to create the perfect sleep environment such as using a comfortable pillow, mattress protector and mattress topper, best quality mattress brand etc.

As you and your child follow the seven dwarfs on their mission or go looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you are sparking your kid’s imagination while honing his/her cognitive abilities. Not to forget, the deep sleep, kids fall into post a story telling session or sometimes even during it.

Benefits of reading to your kids at Bedtime-

1) Fosters parent child bond. Helps children feel secure and loved.

2) Helps children Sleep better and more peacefully.

3) Helps them pick up the language faster, and helps them acquire comprehensive skills as they try to make sense of a story in their own little head.

4) Makes them empathetic towards others as they understand different characters and explore feelings.

5) It helps a restless, active child calm down as a story overtakes him/her and leaves him/her with something to dream about as slips into deep slumber.

6) Builds family memories of the time spent together, to be looked back at fondly in later years. At the young impressionable age, happy memories gets etched,

7) In verbal communication we are able to share wisdom, thoughts, learnings, humour as we wade through a story with the child.

8) A well told story keeps the memory working since your kid tries to run through the details later. Also, a parent can jog the child’s memory about the story enjoyed.

9) Helps expand horizons as a story can aid in increasing knowledge about objects, people and the world.

10) Develops moral values and civic sense. Stories that are interesting yet have a moral lesson can teach the child to be good and have the right social behavior.

11) Establishes healthy bedtime routine. As kids love to listen to these bed time stories, you could instruct them to first have milk, brush teeth, use toilet before getting into bed for the storytelling pleasure. Follow this everyday and greet a well rested, radiant kid the next morning.


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