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Why do People in Love lose Sleep?

  • 16 February 2018
  • By Shveta Bhagat

An all too common feeling that everyone must have experienced sometime in their life, when they are at an early stage of falling in Love and nights seem longer than usual. With the exhilaration comes a restless night with a racing heart and fitful dreams holding you hostage.

It can make people wonder if they are holding onto some past fears or is it just the feeling that is naturally accompanied by excitement, not to be mixed with anything else. Well, the good news is it is not to do with any shortcoming but hormones. The sensation that catapults you into thinking about another person and obsessing over your future with them can be as tiring for all the good it has brought.

Researcher Donatella Marazziti of the University of Pisa, Italy cites the reason behind it. According to her, “the nerve transmitters adrenaline and phenylethylamine (PEA-also present in chocolate) increase when two people are attracted to each other that puts them in an emotional overdrive. Additionally, the relaxation, feel good hormone serotonin lowers, causing you to obsess about your lover and consistently reflect back on the romantic times spent with him or her.”

The euphoric feeling of being in love has often been compared to the high of cocaine. However the catch is, that the overcoming feeling of love revs up hormones incase of women, however reduces testosterone for men who turn emotional and receptive.

The anxiety comes from the change in one's life and rising pressure of the future and the insecurity of dealing with new hopes and additional demand on one. Many people unconsciously rake up emotional issues and dramas to give expression and make tangible, the insecurities they feel.

Here are ways you could deal with the initial euphoria and stay well rested-

  • Don’t let the onset of a love relation put all your other commitments on hold. 
  • Maintain your old friendships and keep some “me” time to keep clarity of thought 
  • Get the sleep and nutrition you need to stay relaxed and balanced emotionally and physically 
  • Acknowledge it is natural to feel the way you are and not to over doubt or reflect your fears on the otherwise good relation 
  • Don’t rush into a lifelong commitment just to get over how you feel. Learn to even enjoy this phase. 
  • Don’t tire yourself out trying to be perfect, just be yourself and build an authentic relationship 
  • Keep a sleep routine. Do some breathing exercises before bed time and try and sleep around the same time every night. 
  • Have faith in yourself and your future. Don’t fret unnecessarily as human beings are more inclined towards expecting the worst and don’t be so much on the guard that you stop what your desire from coming to you. Lead the life of your dreams boldly and peacefully!



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