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Why Sunday is the perfect answer for your sleep troubles

  • 01 December 2017
  • By Alphonse Reddy
  • Sunday specializes in high quality beds, sticking to only three varieties- Sunday Ortho Plus 3 (softer and for the younger lot), Sunday Latex Plus 3 (for people with back issues and little older age bracket) and Sunday Memory Plus, which is a pocket friendly option; Thus catering to all. 
  • Efficient Customer-service which makes buying a mattress even more convenient and hassle-free. The special offerings include, a 100-night free trial option along with the choice of payment in installments with 0% EMI that can be paid over a span of three, six or twelve months. 
  • An idea born out of the Founder’s own experience. Founder Alphonse Reddy says, “With the experience of running India’s only market place, that sells premium sleep products with Fabmart, we realized that the current mattress buying experience is quite broken for a consumer. They have to choose from a number of models with little differentiation and with hi-tech buzzwords of little value and are left completely mystified. We then decided to launch our exclusive mattresses keeping the customer’s needs in mind." 
  • International expertise- It took almost 12 months for the mattresses to be painstakingly designed and developed. Designed by an acclaimed Japanese designer, Hiroko Shiratori, the look is a blend of simplicity and elegance. The pillows come paired with the mattresses, remodeling the way we viewed mattresses so far. The latex is especially sourced from the most advanced factory in Belgium and Sunday is the first mattress brand in India that is using 100% latex certified by European standards. While mattresses all over the world have to qualify stringent guidelines, in India there is no such rule. 
  • Standardized-The brand strives to standardize the mattress buying experience in the country. Drawing attention to the disorganized sector, Alphonse says, “At present prices for mattresses are exorbitantly high and the sales are completely price and promotion driven. Plus, there is no unified pricing as most brands are sold up to 30 percent discount in most of the stores all year round. Once the mattress is sold the after sales experience is also poor. Another issue is that a mattress has to be paired with the right pillow. However, pillows are sold as an afterthought and in most cases, cheaper pillows are given as freebies. There was a gap here as well.” 
  • Orthopedic Approval-Sunday stocks exclusive mattresses paired with suitable pillows; both have been approved by an orthopedic specialist.


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