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5 Summertime solutions for Good Sleep

  • 23 April 2018
  • By Alphonse Reddy
You know summers are here as outdoors no more seem as much fun and you feel like you are wilting in the hot sun. You don’t have to look like a limp doll just because of the season, look beautiful and feel relaxed at all times. Here are some ways to feel and look good despite the onsetting harsh conditions.
  1. Spray essential oils
    Get these essential oils and use them in different effective ways. Jasmine or Lavender oils can be sprayed on a blotted paper and kept inside the pillow cover and in your wardrobe. They give a cool and refreshing feel to your surrounding and help you sleep better. You could apply some peppermint oil at the back of your neck, it would instantly cool you. Just applying a few drops of Patchouli oil is supposed to increase your sensuality in summertime and hence a favourite. Rose water can be sprayed every time your face feels tired or scorching. 
  2. Hydrate with infused water
    Infuse all water jars at home with slices of lime or cucumber slices and mint sprigs. Remember to carry with you water everywhere you go. If you have been outdoors for long, you could opt for fresh lime with rock salt to balance the salt lost while sweating. 
  3. Eat seasonal fruits
    Seasonal fruits such as all the melons and mangoes are perfect to replenish your body with necessary nutrients and help you stay healthy through the season. Vitamin A, C, E and K that are present in the fruits help you keep up your energies and even sleep better. Mangoes balance the alkaline level in the body and are even known to clear skin and improve skin tone. 
  4. Choose light fabrics
    Stick to cottons, linen and khadi in the sweltering heat. Also ensure your bedding is lightweight and comfortable in cotton or linen. Whites and other light colours will help keep you and your surroundings look and feel good. In summers you should ideally change your bedding every three days. Linen with less thread count is more breathable, so go for a 300-400 thread mark.
  5. Practise some yoga
    Balance the heat or pitta in your body with some yoga poses. Try the butterfly pose, camel pose, Lion pose, cobra pose. Savasana or corpse pose can be done in all seasons as it is rejuvenating at all times. You need to exercise caution only in the case of Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation as that can heat up the body. A good yoga teacher would advise on a safe number. The Sheetkari Pranayam, a breathing technique is especially helpful when you are perpetually thirsty.


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