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Control Cholesterol with Sleep

  • 05 May 2017
  • By Shveta Bhagat
Control Cholesterol with Sleep

When it comes to dealing with high cholesterol, diet and exercise habits come under scrutiny. However there is a direct link between the amount of sleep you get and your cholesterol level. Doctors claim proper sleep is just as important if not more to keep any heart disease at bay.

Both, too much and too little sleep have a negative impact on lipid levels. Sleeping less than five hours at night raised the risk of high triglycerides and low HDL levels in women. Getting more than eight hours of sleep produced a similar result. Men were not as sensitive to oversleeping as women.

Too little sleep also leads to high levels of LDL cholesterol. Individuals who slept less than six hours each night greatly increased their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, the researchers uncovered that snoring is associated with lower levels of the good HDL cholesterol.

Not getting enough sleep invariably leads to an increase in appetite for foods high in cholesterol, a decrease in physical activity, and elevated stress levels. Young women show greater sensitivity to their sleep habits than young men.

The offshoot of insufficient sleep is mostly bad lifestyle choices that further contribute to high cholesterol levels. Some of the people with poor sleep habits also engaged in other activities that might have heighten risk, like smoking, poor diet, or low levels of exercise.


What you can do:

  • Sleep at least seven to eight hours according to your bodily need
  • If you snore a lot or have any sleep problem, consult a doctor
  • Avoid foods high in saturate fat like meat, butter, cheese, and other full-fat dairy products
  • Load up on foods that help to lower LDL cholesterol, like nuts, avocados, olive oil, and oats
  • Exercise. Get atleast 40 minutes of moderate walking or other exercise into your day, three to four times a week. Any work out that gets your body moving and heart pumping
  • Adhere to a routine for a stress free life and clock in enough sleep. Get an activity tracker watch if need be



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