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Feng Shui for Sleep

  • 18 September 2016
  • By Shveta Bhagat
Feng Shui for Sleep

Feng Shui principles incorporate the right elements and room placements to enhance overall health and quality of life. These principles ensure the continued flow of chi energy through the balance of yin (female) and yang (male) energies.

How to have the right chi energy flowing in your bedroom:

- A solid headboard will ensure you have a sound restive sleep since it serves as a wall to insulate you from the outside world.

- Don't crowd your bedroom with items that don't belong there.

- Keep clothes neatly in drawers and closets.

- Never place water features or paintings of water scenes in a bedroom. This provides too much yang energy and creates restless sleep.

- The "red bird" is an ancient feng shui principal that works in a powerful way. One indoor location that is called the red bird is the wall opposite the bed. This area is where your future is depicted. Carefully choose what you put on this wall. Select a painting, sculpture or photo that symbolizes what you want to attract to your life.

- Avoid open bookshelves; books create poison arrow effect. Remedy by adding either glass or wood doors.

- Cover window behind your bed, with thick heavy draperies that completely cover the window and block any light. You can open the draperies during the day to let in positive chi energy, but when you sleep, make sure the draperies are pulled tightly closed.

- Use subdued, indirect lighting, like that provided by table and floor lamps. Avoid using harsh overhead lighting.

- Avoid placing your bed directly beneath exposed beams. These create a cutting effect that result in poor sleep and even illness.

- Never have dying plants in your room as they bring in negative energies.

- If you are already in a relationship it is important to have identical night tables on both sides of the bed, with identical lamps on each side as well. Couples should even things out if they want a more balanced life.

- If you are looking for love, or would like to enhance your romantic life, decorate room with pairs of decorative items. A good choice would be two candles in matching crystal candlestick holders, or artwork that depicts two people or two flowers - but never just one.


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