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Mattresses for Couples

  • 23 December 2015
  • By Shveta Bhagat

Beds for conjugal bliss…

Believe it or not the quality and comfort of a mattress shared by a couple can be a deal maker or a breaker according to the effect it has. If you wake up with a body ache, you are bound to be grumpy and that is not going to help in your relationship. A comfortable, sturdy new mattress could do wonders for even your relationship, as you feel secure and happy and forge a deeper bond

To start with get a mattress with enough space, so you don’t wake the other up with every move and turn. After all intimacy is good but so is a good night’s sleep for a healthy union. A queen size or a king sized that is medium firm and has enough support is just right.

Check out the different options -If coil, typically higher the count of the coil the more support though efficiency depends on the design of the coil and layers of padding used as combination. Latex and Memory Foam mattresses are made of advanced pressure relieving material and designed to reduce pressure-points and provide natural body alignment. Memory foam is temperature sensitive and conforms as your body warms it. Latex foam mattress provides great durability and the pressure relief is available in many different comfort options. When you decide on one, be on the look-out for new and better types of foam, as new ones are constantly being developed.

Pillow Talk-Ensure you discuss each other’s preference for the type of mattress and pillow the other likes before agreeing upon one. Remember you still don’t have to settle on one and can test it out before finalizing, after all you don’t want to be stuck playing victim or get into a blame game. Pillows (check our top rated pillows) typically also play an important role, as remember it must go with that perfect mattress and feel just as good. Choosing a right pillow that is not too high or low with the right amount of fluff makes for a good buy.

Like in a good relationship, the foundation is key. Discern the construct.  Educate yourselves before going in for your ideal choice. 


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