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Same Day Delivery on Sunday Mattress

  • 16 November 2015
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Most of our enquiries come from customers who are moving into a new home or going to get married soon, or may be people with bad sleeping pattern. We understand the logistical nightmare that people undergo when they have to manage events such as these. Mattresses, unfortunately tend to be a last minute purchase item and one of the biggest points for customers is the fact that they have to wait for 1-2 weeks to get the new mattress.

This is true for mattress purchases in offline stores or when buying a mattress online. While, the delivery (on rare occasions) may be on the same day, by and large you end up waiting for at least a week, if its a standard size and sometimes up to two weeks, if the mattress is a custom size. 

In our quest to offer the best quality mattresses at the best price, we did not want to just stop at that. We wanted to go one step ahead and make sure that the buying experience is also as seamless as possible. 

So, starting in Bangalore we offer same day delivery on all mattress purchases. Please make sure that you order before 11 AM to be eligible for same day delivery. BTW, we deliver on all 7 days.


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