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Sleep Fashionably

  • 24 February 2016
  • By Alphonse Reddy

While “Dressing up” Is more common once we wake up and get ready to interact with the world, sleeping in comfortable, cool wear can make us feel happier and healthier.

High street brands from Marks & Spencer to Forever 21 and the likes all have a dedicated section for sleep wear and no it is not all intimate, but breezy, casual, with latest prints and styles that change with every season. Even Victoria Secret, has been expanding the options from just “special occasion” wear to pretty neat, comfortable and widely appealing nightwear that not only help you sleep in style but help you sleep better.

So can your nightwear ensure good sleep, in addition to a quality mattress with a comfortable pillow ? The answer is a resounding yes!

Sleeping is often seen as a celestial experience where we strike union with higher beings from other realms in our dreams and have out of the body encounters. In mythology there is actually a legion of Gods of sleep. In Greek mythology for example, Hypnos is the God of sleep and Morpheus, of Dreams. It is only natural then to don something graceful, airy and cheerful in the spirit of the most precious time of the night that is meant to restore and rejuvenate us.

Hence the common choices end up typically being t-shirts, pyjamas, shorts, negligee in cheerful prints and soothing colours. The health advantage of course being that these allow the skin to breathe free, allow blood circulation and promote well being. In fact of late there is a trend of “organic” nightwear. Like your sleeping space needs to be a haven of tranquility with a comfortable mattress in place, your nightwear needs to help you distress and calm. The brands with an organic line, ensure the fabrics help you achieve the comfort and peace important for a goodnight’s sleep

Good sleep wear, it is said, can help you have better dreams, sleep deeper and heal the body! So next time you think of just pulling out a ruffled t-shirt from the back of your cupboard and looking for any odd lowers, remember you need to dress special-for this magical affair.


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