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Ten Different Ways to Have a Good Night

  • 17 August 2018
  • By Alphonse Reddy

Tried everything you could to get uninterrupted sleep. Now try these sleep solutions prescribed by sleep specialists to experience the joy of good sleep.

  • Drink lemon juice:
    Have the juice of three lemons diluted in very litter water and drink it up like a shot. This concentrated Vitamin C booster is also good to soothe stomach, detox system, balance your ph level and best of all enjoy deep Sleep. Lemon juice is high in folate and potassium and can make you sleepy in no time if had in this quantity right before bedtime.
  • Have a Banana a day:
    Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium, apart from containing the amino acid tryptophan which are muscle relaxants. Start having one on a daily bases and see the difference. Red bananas found in parts of Asia are even better for sleep as contain necessary vitamins that promote sleep. Infact the natural essence of red bananas can be mixed in cocoa and had at night for deep quality sleep. It is also said cottage cheese followed by banana at night as last meal can have the desired effect as both are high in tryptophan.
  • Do a Visualization practice:
    Visualization is a branch of hypnosis and is found very effective in relaxing the core and ensuring you fall asleep faster. This sleep solution dates back to the time of Babylon and Sumerian culture. There are many guided visualization meditations online which you can hear with your eyes shut once you are ready to drift off to la la land. You can also imagine in your mind’s eye all your tensions flowing from your body and seeping into the earth as you lie asleep on a soft surface, perhaps even a cloud.
  • Do a Hawaiian forgiveness Prayer:
    Believe it or not this centuries old Hawaiian prayer is known to internally heal you and soothe you to sleep. The Ho’oponopono prayer as it is known is now even a part of the John Hopkins University course. It basically comprises of four lines, which when repeated to yourself is known to impact every cell of your body in a positive manner. Washing away all the day’s emotions, it also calms you and restores you deeply as you sleep. The four lines being- I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you and I thank you; to be said with full submission.
  • Massage your Ankle:
    You heard that right. Massaging both sides of your ankle with some oil can help activate the sleep point. There are other parts of the foot too that help induce sleep such as the sides of your feet and the point between your big toe and second toe. Gently massage each point for atleast two minutes. These pressure points on the feet help release tension and sleep your best. Finally, remember buying a new mattress is a sure-fire method to   have a good night sleep.  


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